Dynamic Flowsheet Template


Quickly bridge content gap – build the data you want to collect, easily and at a fraction of the cost of custom development

Capture custom data and create flowsheets without template development. Simply configure a data entry design with the fields you need, link the resulting popup template to your navigation bar, and begin capturing custom data. Easily display your resulting data in a flowsheet view, Crystal Report, or document. Cut down your custom development efforts from weeks to minutes, and stop worrying about custom template development complicating your upgrades


  • Designed to allow an unlimited number of custom templates consisting of up to 20 data fields each
  • Associate controls such as My Phrases, calendars, time intervals, number pads, and custom pick lists
  • Create a fully functioning template ready for use in ten minutes or less.


  • Incorporate as many flowsheets, with as many records as needed, to a single encounter
  • Display data in on-screen flowsheet with selectable date range filters
  • Print flowsheet data using the included Crystal Report, or on any document simply by including the included document macro
  • Centralize all custom data on one template rather than creating multiple templates throughout the system


  • Drastically reduce on custom development time and expense
  • Gain custom functionality with little to no upgrade ramifications
  • Bridge content gaps for almost any specialty


  • No special requirements
  • No third party elements required; this tool was designed using only NextGen’s native technology