Dynamic Diagnostic Template

Diagnostics Driver

Quickly order diagnostic tests without the need to search through categories.

The Dynamic Diagnostic Template allows providers to quickly order their diagnostic tests, without the need to search through categories. This template eliminates the frustration of sorting through and identifying tests not applicable to your practice or specialty—users create favorite diagnostic tests with the ability to re-name them to their preferred description.


  • Search the entire diagnostic compendium, with the ability to filter by vendor
  • Create diagnostic favorites list quickly and edit the diagnostic tests’ descriptions
  • View and order specialty favorite diagnostic tests


  • No longer requires Service Item Category set up in File Maintenance
  • No longer requires SIM creation for diagnostic tests
  • Increases efficiency with specialty and provider favorites


  • Mapping to NextGen Test Compendium required if using a radiology interface. Not mapped? We can help.
  • No third party elements required; this tool was designed using only NextGen’s native technology.