Dynamic Lab Template

Dynamic Lab

Build lab orders the way you want to see them, easily at a fraction of the cost.

It’s not uncommon for clients to spend dozens of hours custom developing a custom lab template only to be stuck with an inflexible work-flow, lab test selections that don’t meet all of the providers’ needs, and the danger of having to potentially recreate the custom template during the next KBM upgrade. The Dynamic Lab Template allows clients to configure the template to provide custom lab sets on a provider or practice level—all with zero custom development investment required.


  • Fully configurable template; no custom development required
  • Create both provider and practice specific lab sets, by specialty or groupings of your choice
  • Set up AOE and ABN workflows to meet your practice needs
  • Support for future orders with integrated tasking functionality
  • Up to 42 completely configurable tests on the main lab master page; Unlimited test available through lab sets
  • Fully compliant with Orders Module and Care Guidelines


  • Save time and money by avoiding tedious and costly custom development
  • Increase provider satisfaction by providing configurable order sets and workflows
  • Leverage full functionality of your lab interfaces and remain Meaningful Use compliant without performing redundant steps during ordering


  • Mapping to NextGen Test Compendium required. Not mapped? We can help.
  • NextGen KBM 8.1 or later