Dynamic Resulting Template

Dynamic Resulting

Let’s you keep track of all patient lab results and design new results fields

Closed loop ordering is the process by which an order is placed, results are received and entered, and the order completed. It is often difficult or impossible to achieve due to the extra steps involved by clinical staff, however, more and more regulatory initiatives require documentation of closed loop ordering in order to prove that measures are me.

Ionet’s Lab Results Tracker allows clients to specify custom result sets for orders and then places a order result entry template sits within the standard order management workflow and gives users a place to easily enter results and complete orders. These results are which is then pushed to and updates the orders tables and order module.

The Lab Results Tracker is configurable and designed to work with most order types.


  • 100% configurable template; No development required
  • Virtually unlimited options for custom result sets
  • Ability to link result sets to multiple order types
  • Support for multiple different result formats: Text, numeric, date, discrete lab results, EHR documents, and scanned documents
  • Robust result validation and ability to create required result fields
  • Ability to write results back to orders module and orders table
  • Support for assigning LOINC codes to lab results


  • Helps achieve closed loop ordering in with minimal retraining and no double work
  • Move more test results to the orders module where they are presented in a provider-friendly fashion
  • Capture test data in the correct locations so that it will work with HQM, Care Guidelines, and other regulatory reporting


  • NextGen Application Version 5.8